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Our Modern Reception Showcase

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Event and Floral Designs

Photoshoot by Fleur Couture & Karma Events

In the enchanting realm of event and floral designs, there are moments that transport us to a world of pure magic, and a recent photoshoot Sarcon Flower Couture had the honor of designing was an embodiment of such enchantment. Imagine stepping into a room adorned with red and black floral displays, meticulously crafted and delicately arranged atop mirror-topped tables, each blossom exuding an air of elegance and grace. Surrounding these stunning centerpieces were sleek black fabric chairs, lending an aura of sophistication to the scene. Yet, it was the mesmerizing arch that emerged from the heart of one table that truly stole the spotlight, its graceful curves seemingly reaching towards the heavens, inviting celestial beings to partake in the festivities.
This captivating tableau was made possible through a collaborative effort with Karma Events for event planning and Class Event Rentals, who provided an exquisite array of tables, chairs, drapery, and lighting rentals. Their contributions added depth and dimension to our vision, elevating the ambiance to new heights of splendor. And behind the lens, capturing every intricate detail with precision and artistry, was MHM Photography, ensuring that every moment of this ethereal photoshoot was immortalized in time. Videography elegantly created by Park Street Weddings capturing a captivating story through and through. Together, our collaboration transcended the ordinary, weaving a tapestry of beauty and wonder that will linger in memory long after the event has ended.
clear table setup with clear chairs and fur cushions, white chargers, white cups and candles with hanging floral arrangements

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